Friday, 5 August 2011

Memory foam mattresses and the benefits of sleep.

Memory mattresses and the Benefits of sleep

Sleep plays an important role in our health, well being and longevity. It is obvious to us all that sleep is important by how we get grumpy or lack energy and motivation if we have not had enough sleep (or even if our sleep has been disturbed). When we sleep our body is repairing itself and our mind is working through our problems and experiences.

After a good nights sleep we we feel better, have clearer thoughts and our emotions are less unstable! Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to many different health problems including:
    • Diabetes
    • Early Mortality
    • Obesity
    • Heart Disease
    • Mental Health problems
      There are many benefits from sleeping but here are just a few:

        • Reduces stress
        • Keeps your heart healthy
        • Reduces the risk of diabetes
        • Can help control weight issues
        • Reduces the occurence of mood disorders
        • Refreshes and vitalises
        • Allows us to sort through our problems subconsciously
        Whilst there are many factors that contribute to our ability to have a good night sleep, our mattress and pillows are very important. More and more people are choosing to have memory foam mattresses due to the fact they:

        • Mould to your body shape to improve posture

        • Have air flow channels to help keep you cooler

        • Most people say they are more comfortable thaqn sprung mattresses

        • With more and more ranges available there is a wider variety of choice. for high quality, affordable memory foam mattresses with expert advice from a family run company.


            Get a good nights sleep by:
            Finding out what is the right amount of sleep for you! On average adults need between 7 and 9 hours sleep but some may need as little 5 and other as much as 10 or more!
            Set a regular bed time

            Wake up at the same time every day. If you need an alarm clock to wake you up (which most, if not all, of us do!) then it is likely you are not getting enough sleep. Ofcourse it's fine to set an alarm, after all you don't want to be late for work or appointments. You will find if you are getting enough sleep you will wake up before your alarm anyway.

            Nap to make up for lost sleep. 'Power naps' are more effective at making up for lost sleep than having a 'lie in'. The best amount of time for a power nap is 30 minutes on average.
            Beat that 'after dinner energy lack' by not giving into the drowsiness and doing something mildy active i.e washing the pots, getting clothes ready for the next day. If you give in you may find you wake up in the middle of the night.

            Have a nice relaxing bath before bed, but calmly dry yourself after, you don't want to wake yourself back up again by vigorous exfoliating drying!

            Relax in a comfortable luxurious bed to ensure a great night's sleep! See:
   for the best deals. They also offer a price match if you can find the same product elsewhere!  

            Wednesday, 3 August 2011

            Grades of memory foam used in memory foam mattress and toppers.

            When purchasing a memory foam mattress it is always best to check what grade of memory foam is used in the mattress. There are different grades that can be used as shown below:-
            • L grade - low grade memory foam.
            • A grade - Average grade memory foam.
            • S grade - Severe grade memory foam.
            A memory foam mattress should idealy be made of A grade or S grade memory foam. Usually cheaper mattresses use the L Grade and i would suggest avoiding any mattresses made using this type of memory foam, as it will have a short lifespan and will not offer the support needed.

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            Monday, 18 July 2011

            What does memory foam density mean kg/m3 in memory foam mattresses?

            All memory foam has a density which is determined by it kg/m3, this means if use have 1 meter cube of memory foam this is how much it would weigh in kgms. It does not determine its quality though, as there are many grades of memory foam, from low grade to what is called severe grade memory foam.

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            Can babies use memory foam mattresses?

            We do not advise babies to use memory foam mattresses, neither on their own beds or if they co-sleep with you on a memory foam mattress. Due to the moulding properties of memory foam it may have consequences for your baby.Until more research has been done to prove whether memory foam is safe we strongly advise NOT to take the risk. There are unanswered questions about the possible risks of babies using memory foam but some of the risks are:
            • Trouble breathing/suffocation
            • Overheating
            • Not the right support.
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            Sunday, 17 July 2011

            What thickness of memory foam do i need?

            When purchasing a memory foam mattress one of the biggest problems is deciding what is the best thickness of memory foam. Their is no need to purchase a memory mattress with too much memory foam as this will cost more, and will provide no more support or comfort. If it is for a child then 5cm of memory foam is ideal, if you are under 13 stones then 7cm will be ideal, if you are over 15 stones then you will probably need 10cm of memory foam. Some retailers only sell a memory foam mattress with 2.5cm of memory foam and this is not really ideal unless you are a young child.

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            Do memory foam mattresses get hot

            There is a lot of speculation that a memory foam mattress will get hot while sleeping on one. This can be true is some instances if the memory foam is made from closed celled memory foam, usually these are made in the far east using cheap memory foam. Most quality memory foam mattresses are made using open celled memory foam, that allow good circulation of air. Also a good quality memory foam will have air flow channels which will help to allow air to have excellent airflow all around. Also a coolmax or outlast cover will also aid in keeping you cooler in summer. Overall a good quality memory foam mattress will be made with the above following features and will not be any warmer than a normal conventional made mattress, if anything they should feel cooler.

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            Thursday, 14 July 2011

            Memory foam mattress toppers to use on holidays

            Well, the sun is out, is our british summer here to stay?  Lets all hope so. The schools break up for the summer holidays soon so it is time to get planning that well deserved holiday break.

            Either a hotel break, self catering accomodation, caravan holiday or camping it is so nice to get away and have some fun!

            One thing  for sure is that I will not be forgetting to pack my memory foam mattress topper. It comes with me everywhere!  Nothing worse than lumpy or hard beds whilst you are away. But, none of that as my topper can transform any bed to feel like the one I have at home.